1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique!

Below is a picture from an original brochure of the boat that I rebuilt. I had always wanted to ski behind a “true” tow boat but never knew anyone that had one. I happened upon a web page of someone that had refinished one like this one and found it fascinating. I had owned boats in the past but had never rebuilt one, especially one in this bad of shape. I found an ad in the local paper of a 68 Ski Nautique for a price that I could afford. I bought it and began the task of rebuilding it with the goal of doing it right or not at all. I am now “finished” (if that is ever accomplished) and very pleased with the results. I have not taken it out without someone commenting on it in some way.




It's not moving down the lake, but can you see the similarities?


 (First time it hit water!)


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