Let the wiring begin!

And the steering.

Began with the mounting the fuse panel and separating the wiring into the needed groups. The Painless GM connector was kind of cheesy but seems to work. I am having to order all of the switches separately because this is another item not included with the kit.


Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Made them smaller for faster loads!)

As you can see, they have marked out the locations of all of the “standard” gauge and switch locations.

I went ahead and mounted the steering column to gauge where the wiring would need to be routed.


I can see now that I need to coat the shaft with something to keep it from rusting.

I went ahead and mounted the gauges to wire the backside. I ordered numerous switches to see which ones looked and worked well.

After the horror stories of Lucas switches, I decided I would try to find alternatives. It calls for the headlight dimmer to be on the dash, but I have ordered a footswitch. With the limited foot space, this may be a mistake, me having big feet and all. I have yet to decide on whether to install a heater or not so I will leave those uncut for now. My thoughts are to cut the holes even though I may not install the switches. It’s easier to cut the vinyl cover with the holes already there than to try to drill holes without damaging the vinyl cover, and the holes will not be noticeable if not used. Also, I am going to use a starter button so that will change the layout slightly.




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