Time for Roll bar mounting.

And starting the body fitting.

As of 11-11-05

Well I have ground down the pads on the frame that are used to mount the roll bar to and have reinstalled the body for fitting purposes. I plan on mounting the roll bar and fitting the doors, hood and trunk while it is on. I am needing to fit at least the hood before install the engine (which is on itís way), so that I will have access to the bottom side while it sits on the body. I would like to cut all of the holes while on the frame.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Made them smaller for faster loads!)

With the help of a few friends, I have the body reinstalled and ready to fit the various parts.

I cut the holes and passed the roll bar through for measuring. I then spot welded the mounts and plan on making a clean permanent weld when the body is removed again. The fitting of the roll bar is not easy to say the least. But after doing it this way, you see why the mounts are not welded at the factory, because you would not be able to line up the holes in the body. Itís pretty difficult they way it is.


Turned out pretty good I think. The rubber grommets are kind of ugly and I may need to find an alternative but thatís for another day.

The hood fit fairly good but the doors need quite a bit of shaping.

Itís coming up on approximately two months and itís moving along pretty good. I was unable to work on it for about two of those weeks as I was working out of town. I hope to be able to install the wheels and engine within the next month.

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