Trash the Cable.

I have tried (3) different throttle cables and they all feel bad.

I bought cheap (AutoZone) to expensive (Lokar) and they all seemed like they were sawing the inside of the jacket apart. With the way that the exit from the foot box being so far forward and the cable designed to pull from the rear of the carburetor, it put the cable at (2) 180 turns. Even a longer Lokar cable seemed not to operate smoothly.

So I began trying to find some other way of connecting the existing foot peddle to the carburetor by means of linkage. There are not a lot of parts out there that I could find so I pieced together parts from various sources. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the action of what I have come up with. I wish that I could find some better looking lever arms, maybe billot aluminum or such, but these work great as they are. The action is super smooth and it gives me much more peddle travel. Also, it allowed me to adjust it for a hard stop which did not rely on the carburetor linkage being in a bind.


Because of a number of request to the source for these and a diagram, I have included a link below to a pdf with the information.


Manufacturer’s Web sites



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