Very nice setup.

I say to spend the extra money and purchase the Ford 9Ē rear end that they go through and make just like new! To my understanding, the only part other than the case and axles that is reused is the gears if they pass inspection. You may ask whatís left. Well plenty, (seals, bearings, bushings, etcÖ) and the weld the particular mountings for the fox type setup on their frame. The brakes are disk and plumbed to perfection. All is painted (flat not matching power coated frame) and looks great. Coil over shocks top off the package and hopefully it performs as well as it looks! One word of caution, mine came with 2.75 gear ratio in the rear which seems mighty tall for the transmission Iím going to use! Also, itís not posi so keep that in mind also.


Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Approx 2meg a piece!)

I left the tie wraps uncut to show where they go. The instruction sheet is pretty vague until you bolt up the shocks and let the jack down. Thatís when you find out that the shock is not made to support the rear end, which is why the jack stays under it until I get the wheels on. Also, mount the shock on the lower mount on the differential or it will set too high. Also, mount the ring clip on the upper notch in the shock. Itís pretty obvious AFTER you get it mounted up and bolted together.

Note: If you look at the rear frame shot, youíll see the flat plate on the driverís side that is there for the battery. I am exploring ways to mount the battery above the rear end, passenger side, in a special made battery box. This I believe will better distribute the weight when driving without passengers.



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