Mounting AC Pedals.

Purchased from FinishLine.

As of 9-27-2005

The stock setup from B&B are the standard rubber style. In all of the pictures that I have seen, the AC pedals stand-out and look much better. For a small amount and a little work, I installed a set from Finishline.

They come without mounting provisions, so they have to be modified, along with the stock pedals to be mounted.


The first step was to remove the old pedal area from the lever. I did this with an angle grinder and a lot of sparks! Next I milled a slot in the AC pedal to fit over the stock lever that has been grinded.

I drilled a hole in the pedal then matched it to the lever before drilling it. Then a little paint and all looks like factory!

Add a bolt and nut and all is finished. Now itís time to re-install the pedal assembly into the car.

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