B & B Cobra

9940 Raccoon Road

Granby,   MO    64844

One of the reasons for choosing B&B is because of their location. I shopped around (on the internet mostly) and found them to be the closest. On a trip to Branson MO with my family, I decided to go by and see their facility for myself. They were very accommodating and welcomed me in. I was given a complete tour of their processes and saw that they were legitimate and knew what they were doing. I have mentioned that I was not impressed with their website, but they are car people, not a bunch of computer geeks in IT. (Jab at myself) So far, they have been very helpful to my attempts to build the car of my dreams.

Like I said, they were the closest builder, so right off the bat I could save the money on delivery if I could go and get it. I set out to rent a trailer from the normal places and found that either my truck was too small to pull a “real” car hauler or the price of the rental was outrageous! I found a place that had new trailers for $900 dollars, so I surmised that I would “invest” in a trailer and then sell it hopefully for close to the same price I paid for it, then I would only be out the price of the gas for the trip up and back. I have yet to try to sell it thinking I may use it to carry the body to a paint shop or some other unknown use. Even if I keep it, the price of the trailer was the same as having it delivered, or close to it. Anyone want a good once used trailer?

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Approx 2meg a piece!)

  My first glimpse of the future Vet killer!


 It’s a good thing that I brought my truck along with a trailer!

 Loaded and ready to pull home with my little Toyota truck!

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