Made it Home!

Now is the time to call it the favors from the friends and neighbors!

One drawback to going and picking it up is what happens if you wreck on the way home or some other terrible thing happens, after all, it has been paid for and I have no insurance on it. (Itís officially not a car yet!) Once I get home, itís covered by my homeowners until it gets to the drivable stage!

Well, instead of waiting for the favors to be cashed in, I (along with my 14 year old son and partner in the build) decided to get it off the trailer ourselves. (Folks, donít try this at home). With him working the trailer and me carrying one end of the body, we got it off and on to jack stands by ourselves! The 9Ē rear end was the hardest part believe it or not!

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Approx 2meg a piece!)

Safe and sound in my shop!

On jack stands and ready to get started.

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