Letís get started!

As with all large projects, one must pick a starting point and work on one thing at a time.

The starting point for me was to inventory the parts and try to figure out what all of it was and what I was going to have to purchase to get it going. This is where I ran into some (just a little) confusion concerning what was listed and what I had received. The brochures received from them and the list of the items that I downloaded from their website listed some parts not received. If you get a 5.0 donor package, the emergency brake assembly, the brake lines and fuel lines with fittings listed are no longer included. After talking with the guys at B&B, they are sending me the hand brake assembly free, but only a list of part numbers for the lines. I found a great source for these parts on the internet. www.inlinetube.com Also Jegs has the handbrake assembly if you need it.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Approx 2meg a piece!)


Manual rack for steering bolted up.

As you can see, just one week and itís going pretty fast!

(All of you guys that have done this before are probably laughing at me at this point!)



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