Louver Mounting.

How to mount and be able to remove them!

As of 11-31-2006

I wanted to come up with a way of mounting the louvers without the fear of them falling off going down the road, but still be able to remove them if I absolutely need to. After getting advice from my most favorite experts, (Club Cobra forum) I decided to fabricate a bracket to glue to the side of the fender but have a threaded insert to screw the louver to for mounting. I used an epoxy to mount the brackets to the side with and used thread-serts with a 6-32 screw through the louver into the bracket to secure it. I placed the louver in the opening like I liked and then used channel locks to clamp the bracket to the louver for the correct spacing. This allowed me to drill for the screws and place the thread-serts into the brackets. I then glued the brackets to the fender and allowed them to set-up. I then removed them to make sure all was well. This will allow me to paint them apart from the body if desired.


All this was made easier by doing it with the body removed from the frame. These little things have really caused delays but Hey, Iím having fun!

And yea, this is fun work Pmfranke!


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