Jack Pads

I mounted mine with set screws.

I have no plans on actually using these to jack up the car with, and with the way they are mounted to the frame, they are for looks anyway.

I had them painted by powder coating so I had to sand the paint off pretty good where they insert into the inner section. I then drilled and tapped the inner piece to accept a set screw. This will allow me to adjust them in or out to make them match. Iím not sure if this is really an issue, but Iíll find out.

jackpad 001.jpgjackpad 002.jpgjackpad 003.jpg


I inserted the rubber grommets and then used my car washing soap to slick the tubes and grommets down to make it easier to insert the tubes. I then tightened the set screws and there we have it.


One modification I did was on a license plate holder. I ordered a mount that offset the plate over the trunk handle but it didnít look right to me at all, so I decided to use the jack pads for some useful purpose. Bending a piece of aluminum and drilling for the mount and license plate, I then painted it black to match the Jack Pads. I used the bottom bolt on the back side to mount the new bracket. I think it turned out pretty well. (And it was cheap!)




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