Hood Latch Installation.

Pretty basic overall.

As of 1-26-06

This goes in pretty easy. The only thing that you might want to consider is that it is best, (in my opinion) that this be done before the engine is installed to allow you to get under the hood to mark the slots. I guess it could be done after, but I didnít try it.


There was a dimple on the top of the hood that on first glance, would lead you to believe that it was where the hole needed to be. This was not the case on mine, I centered the hole from underneath which has an obvious location and then drilled it from under the hood. It had to be notched to allow two tabs on the latch to be inserted. This I did with a Dremel tool and beveled the top with a sanding drum attachment. After installing the latch, I then crawled under the hood and marked the location of the slots.

As you can see the slots are not even on each side. Now comes the thoughts on how to dress up the slots.

And we have the finished product.

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