Engine Install.


As of 2-24-2006

How does anyone get a big-block in one of these!


First step was to get the engine off the stand and install the flywheel and clutch. (Centerforce dual friction!)

Then with the help of my son, we stabbed the transmission and bolted it up. This took a run to the parts store for longer bolts. The ones that I had only worked on two out of the four locations.

We then positioned the car so that we would have clearance for the transmission and crane legs.

We tried going in from the front, but the arm of the crane did not give us enough clearance.

Sooo we positioned it on the side, having to strategically locate the jack stands to allow this.


Well just an update, instead of installing a remote filter setup at this time, I have decided to install a shorter filter which should take care of my problem until I can dump the funds on all of the plumbing materials to do it right. So I found another filter that I think will work just fine. I also installed my air cleaner to dress it up. I had to unbolt the mounts and lift the engine up to get the long filter off. After bolting everything back together, the test of removing the new shorter filter proved to be perfect with plenty of clearance. I had ordered and received a remote oil filter kit but have not found a good place to mount the remote unit. I wanted to get it all together and have some time to look it over and think about it before I rushed into a permanent location. The next challenge is the routing of the radiator hoses. Not perfectly straight forward.

Itís in there, but too close on the filter side. This brings me to the warning that you must have a filter relocation kit before installing. The end of the filter is actually against the frame. I will have to lift the engine to remove the filter and install the relocation kit. Thatís for another day.

Speaking of clearance, I now can see what the deal is on protecting the oil pan! While weíre speaking of under the car, I have received my custom made drive shaft from Dennyís and itís almost a work of art!


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