Let the Glassing Continue!

This takes a little time because of the drying time.

Again we want to mention RAKA Marine.


I continue with the fiber glassing adding to the layers and coats on each area. In the areas with large gaps, it took a couple of times to first attach the cloth to the edges and then again to coat the material. This is because the material was too heavy to stay if it was saturated with resin. This worked well, and I found out the messy way, why to do it this way. I tried to glass both sides of the gaps where possible, and especially where I needed strength, like at the firewall and fenders. The Raka epoxy dries almost clear so it looks semi-transparent when dried.


With each coat, I mixed 9oz of resin using 2 parts resin, Ĺ part slow hardener and Ĺ part fast hardener. This gave me about 45 minutes of working time and I didnít waist too much material. I had to learn that I could mix more, but it sure would not keep! Get a sharp pair of scissors to cut the material with and donít expect to put them back in your wifeís sewing basket!


Also I switched to a cheap bristle brush that works MUCH better than the foam brush! Also, be sure and use gloves!






Cover everything that you donít want to get this on, it can be pretty messy.




After working with it a while, itís kind of fun. The only bad part is getting to some of the areas and the positions you have to put your back and arms into!

The final product is very strong and easy to work with.

I left off the last page with the problem of a tire rub because of moving the rear barrier back about ĺ ď to allow for backing and carpet.This I am attempting to solve by cutting out an area where the rub is and creating a small hump to allow for clearance.This gives me plenty of clearance and I almost want to do it to the passenger side also in case I want to run a little different tire size. I will see how this turns out and how much material I have left before deciding for sure.



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