Cheap Dolly.

I had the need to roll out the body to do some sanding!

As of 4-12-2006


After looking at all of the different ways people built buck boards and other various methods for storing and moving the body around when not on the chassis, I decided to do a cheap and dirty “dolly” style. For under $20, I now can roll the body out of the way, or out to the driveway to keep the dust down when doing some of the sanding that is needed before being put back on the chassis. Some of these areas are the under lip of the hood opening which will be hard to get to when installed, and the under part of the dash and rear passenger compartment. These each but up to other panels and will need to be taken care of before putting it back on the frame.


Also, I have swapped the old tension bracket with a bracket from Summit. This gives me more room for the radiator hose, plus it looks much better. I had to shorted the spacers slightly because it looked too close to the water pump pulley for my comfort. Also I mounted the Tension bar to the front of the alternator to clear the water neck.



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