Hole Cutting.

And fitting the pieces.

As of 11-26-05

The body comes without the cutouts for all of the lighting, roll bar and other accessories. Some of these can be cut with a standard hole saw but most take something that can cut large or irregular holes. I found out that a circular cutter works great with the right bit. I found a cheap cutter from Harbor Freight for $19.99 and it works great. Of course if it gets burned up because of all of that fiberglass dust, no big loss! Just donít expect the sheetrock bit to work for the fiberglass.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Made them smaller for faster loads!)

Use a FIRM had because it can get away from you!

I also used a shop-vac, holding the hose close to keep down the dust.

Hint: Get one of those girly wash pads that look like a puffy nylon sponge on a string, and use as hot as you can stand water and soap, and scrub in the shower and you wonít itch. It works great. Man can that dust get in your skin!

Another Hint: Bolt all of the body down to the frame and to all of the points before fitting the doors, it can change greatly when you move the front or rear to match the bolt holes. I almost made a grave mistake when I was starting on the doors and didnít have the front bolted to the cross piece.


The windshield makes a big difference on how the car looks sitting in the shop. One side, (passenger) didnít need any shimming, the drivers side needed about 1 ľ inch worth of shimming. They provided one hole for mounting, I think that it needs another so that the frame of the windshield will not rest on the body.

The gas cap is kind of confusing. I found help from the clubcobra site on how to mount this. I prefer to buy a base from FinishLine that has a reducer and holes already drilled in the base. I have not received it as of this update but itís been ordered. My concern on how they suggested to mount this is that it would leave a area within the cap that fuel could sit between the down tube and the cap base. I thought the correct base would look and work much cleaner, weíll see!



$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It has arrived. New TKO 600!

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