New Wheels!

Steering and rolling.

As of 1-9-06

I have the wheels from Team III Wheels ready to mount tires on! They were custom made to order and came in within two and a half weeks. They look better than I was expecting because there is a lot more expensive ones out there. I chose to go with the lug type instead of the true spinner wheels. I seem to feel better about having 5 points of failure instead of one! They offer a lug cover that give them the appearance of the full spinner type, but dollars are not dirt and Iím running low on the ol cobra fund. In fact, Iím having to wait for a while to order the tires to go on them.

New update 3-18-08: I have had a number of requests for the size and cost of this set of wheels.

Rear are: 15x8 with 4 ĹĒ backspace, Front are: 15x7 with 4 ĹĒ back space and 1 set of knockoffs polished

And they look even better with new meats on them! It has finally hit the pavement and taken itís first journey (Iíll be it by the power of push) to the out side.


I also have received the steering hub (9 bolt) and the steering wheel from Finish Line. I quickly put it on loosely to test its fit and finish. It also looks great! I seem to have a lot of parts ready to install if I can get on the ball and get the rest of the project ready for them to go on. Hopefully this weekend will allow me to get some work done on it.

And the heart to turn those new wheels, the engine is coming along also. I wanted to put some new March pulleys on before install but thereís that whole cobra fund echo again!


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