Time to begin the dirty work.

As of 10-15-09

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. (Made them smaller for faster loads!)


I finally got it into the garage and began to take parts off. This is pretty dirty work

Cougar 001.jpg  Cougar 002.jpg  Cougar 003.jpg

I began by removing the shocks, tower and braces. Then I removed the radiator. This should allow plenty of room to pull the engine.

Cougar 004.jpg  Cougar 005.jpg

One look at the interior and it will give you chills! Looks like some kids had used the roof as a trampoline!

Cougar 006.jpg  Cougar 007.jpg  Cougar 008.jpg

I pulled the engine and it looks worse than it is (I hope). It does have oil in it and it turns over fairly easy.


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