Under Coating.

The bare fiberglass needed something!

As of 8-7-2006


I have read a number of places where different people used the truck bed coating on the underside and looked seriously at using this product. One thing is that it may have helped the strength of the tunnel area which seems kind of flimsy. I decided (wrong or right) on using the rubberized spray undercoating in a can. One thing is that if the flywheel comes apart or the driveshaft disintegrates, a little undercoating probably will not make much difference! Also the under coating may help to quite some of the noises from the panels moving and flexing which I thought would be better handled by a rubberized product. (Howís that for decision justification in my own mind!) Also itís $3.99 a can as compared to $80 a kit for the other.

This stuff sprayed on great and was thicker that I had expected. It dried to a semi-stiff consistency. It says on the can that it also can be painted if desired, but it seems a little flexible to me to be painted. It may cure further with time. This took about 5 min each piece.


I left the edges uncoated with the intention of glassing these areas to the body. I wanted to get the main areas before I re-installed them on the frame to get ready for the body to be put back in place. The areas that I didnít do now, I will do after I have glassed them to the body. (This is my plan and Iím sticking to it unless someone stops me!)


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