Trunk Rework

The trunk kit was a good starting point, but not good enough to finish out with!


The trunk panels looked good until they were installed. The back panel blocked the space needed for the trunk hinges and also blocked the room above the differential. The area within the fenders were also unusable with the kit pieces. I wanted to use as much of the trunk area as possible as it is very small in the first place. Also there was a large gap in the rear that needed covering. The main panel also sat on the top of the fuel tank and was not supported on the sides. These are the items that I wanted to remedy with a complete rework of the trunk. I used the kit panels as patterns and added areas needed to fill the gaps.


Sorry for the quality of these pictures. I was limited on the lighting and I didn’t check the pictures before coming in for the night!


I began by making a frame for the bottom panel to rest upon and support the edges. I used a 1x4 with a bracket in the corners to put together the frame. This also raised the panel so that the fuel line for the vent would not be crushed. I made a step-down piece on the rear and coved it with the carpet to finish the gap that was present with the kit supplied pieces.


trunk 002.jpg  trunk 007.jpg  trunk 003.jpg



I then covered the upper area with carpet and began working on the access door for the passenger side fender area. I wanted a door to cover the storage area. I tried to find a simple latch but ended up buying a lockable latch like the ones used on drawers. The material I used was 3/32” hardboard. This is the same or similar to what the kit used and seems to be pretty easy to work with. I made the door flush so I needed to add stops to keep the door from passing through. I also added “tails” to the side panels to cover the stepped drop at the rear.



trunk 001.jpg  trunk 013.jpg  trunk 003.jpg


I placed ¼” padding over the tank to keep it from rattling. I then installed the bottom panel. The back of this panel lined up with the stepped up piece in the rear. The side panels then could be installed. They are tight enough that they will stay after installing the back panel.



trunk 010.jpg  trunk 011.jpg  trunk 014.jpg


I am very pleased with the finished product and it gives me more room to store stuff!


   trunk 015.jpg  trunk 016.jpg  trunk 017.jpg


Now if I can just find a weatherproof car cover that doesn’t take up half of the trunk!



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