Standout Companies

This page was prompted by dealing with some really good companies along the way.

As of 2-12-2008


I started this section after going down to Marshall, TX and working with a company called DK industries. I searched all of Arkansas for a company that would ceramic coat the headers and side pipes and found nothing. The price for regular powder coating was high at all of the local places that I could find. I heard from a friend in Texarkana about this company and gave them a call. It was 200 miles away, but I decided to drive down and take all of the stuff I wanted coated to make a deal. He had given me a ballpark price over the phone but it was so much cheaper than the others I had contacted, I wanted to see for myself what their operation was like. The owner was there and he seemed to be one of those rare standup persons that you don’t run across much anymore. If you’re around North East Texas and need something powder coated, give this guy a call!

DK Industries – Powder Coating

RAKA, Inc – Fiberglass & Epoxy


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