In Paint!

Base coat plus clear coat!

This is high stress (for me anyway) but afterwards, I want to paint another one!


After priming it a number of times and sanding until I pretty much am sick of it, I was ready to go down and plop the $800 for Deltron’s BloodStone Red paint and clearcoat. I have used this brand a number of times and this type (Deltron 2000) paint twice. The clear (Deltron 4000) is a little hard to get to flow smooth but it polishes out nicely if it doesn’t. As with each time I do this, about the time I get to the last quarter panel, I’ve got my gun setup right and my method down. Of course the first 3/4s of the car is a little rough!


primer.jpg   paint1.jpg    paint2.jpg


These are primer to basecoat. The color has me a little worried but until the clearcoat goes on, it’s not the same and it doesn’t “POP”.


       paint4    paint5    paint6    paint7


Now she POPs!

I used 1500 grit paper and block sanded it completely. Then with a variable speed buffer, I used Liquid Ice brand compound with a wool pad and then a high cutting foam pad. Then the last step was 3M’s polish with a fine cutting foam pad.

It was a lot of work but well worth it. Did I mention that it was 102 degrees outside the day I did this?


YouTube video





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